How Big of a Cage for Two Guinea Pigs? (Complete Setup)

two guinea pigs in a glass cage

If you have purchased or adopted two guinea pigs, then it is essential that their cage is of the right size. After all; what may be just a cage for you is going to be a forever home for your guinea pigs – a place where they will spend most of their time in.

In general, the size of a cage for 2 guinea pigs should be between 7.5 ft to 10 ft or 30 inches x 50 inches. In cm., this comes to 120cm x 60cm x 45cm.

For the sake of your guinea pigs’ health and well-being, always provide a large and spacious cage.

Read on to find out more about the ideal size of a guinea pig cage as well as the complete setup.

What Things Do Guinea Pigs Like in Their Cage? Complete Cage-setup Guide

When you walk into a pet store, you will find cages of all shapes and sizes. Some may be specifically designed for guinea pigs while some may be for small animals in general.

Here are the things to consider when setting up your guinea pigs cage for two cavies:


As mentioned above, the size of the cage for two male cavies or boars should be at least 10 sq. feet and for two females it should be 8 sq. ft. In inches, the Humane Society recommends a cage size of 30” x 50” or more for two cavies.

A larger cage will help keep your guinea pigs more active and prevent obesity.  A two-storied or multi-storied cage can also keep your cavies more agile and help burn off their energy without leaving their home. Go for cages with ramps that aren’t too steep as guinea pigs are not very good climbers.

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Look for a cage with a solid bottom rather than a wire bottom. The latter could hurt your pigs’ paws. If you do choose to go for wire-bottom cages, then ensure the gap between the wires is small and that they are close enough to prevent your pet’s feet from going through.

A guinea pig standing in a doorway

If you go for glass cages or aquariums, make sure they allow adequate ventilation. Make sure the aquariums are not too deep.

These days, there are multi-storied cages readily available in the market. They come powder coated to prevent rusting and are painted with special, toxin-free paints that are safe for your pets.

Location of the Cage

Avoid keeping the cage in an area with direct sunlight as that can harm your pets. Similarly, avoid locations with drafts (away from doors and windows), otherwise, your guinea pigs could get sick.

Since guinea pigs love human attention and interacting with you, it is a good idea to keep the cage in the main living area. However, please avoid keeping the cage near areas with loud noises of construction or vehicular traffic as they could stress your pets.

Place the cage on a table that is about waist high as that can make caring for your cavies a lot easier. A small TV stand with a shelf underneath to store your cavies’ treats is ideal.

It is advisable not to keep your guinea pigs’ cages outdoors as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Nest Boxes

One of the main items your guinea pigs need in their cage is an area to sleep or rest in. A nest box provides that area and can help your little pets feel safe and secure when they are scared or stressed.

You will need two nest boxes for your two pets. Ensure that each box is large enough for each cavy to comfortably turn around. The ideal size for each nest box is 3 inches x 3 inches or 8 cm x 8 cm. The box should be made of chew-safe wood.


There are plenty of options before you when it comes to bedding for your guinea pigs. Here are some acceptable bedding options:

guinea pig in a hay
  • Wood shavings
  • Shredded paper
  • Ground corn cobs.
  • Commercially packaged bedding specially designed for guinea pigs.

Avoid cedar shavings as they are toxic to guinea pigs. Also, avoid straw and hay as guinea pigs tend to gnaw on their soiled straw contaminated with their urine/feces.

Line the bottom of the cage with a newspaper before adding the bedding material of your choice. This will make cleanup easier as you can simply roll out the soiled bedding and replace it with a fresh one.

Other Accessories

Here are some other accessories your pigs will need in their cages:

  • Food dishes – for green veggies, fruits, and food pellets. Choose a metal or extra-thick, a food-grade plastic dish of at least 3 inches or 8 cm in diameter. Clean the food dish daily. Provide one or two bowls for each pet.
  • A sturdy water bottle (12-16 ounces or 350-475ml) with a stainless steel ball valve attached to the end of the cage. Provide two bottles for each pig. Clean the bottle and replace it with fresh water daily.
  • A hay rack to stack the hay.
  • Toys – guinea pigs are smart critters that need mental stimulation. So toss in safe and sturdy toys such as chew blocks, cardboard toilet rolls, and other safe guinea pig toys. A stable, fixed running wheel can also keep your pigs in shape.
a guinea pig with a miniature oven

What Cages Are Bad for Guinea Pigs?

In general, rabbit hutches and cages with steep ramps are not recommended for guinea pigs. 

Also, it is best to avoid deep aquariums or glass tanks that don’t allow ventilation. If you do use a glass enclosure, then make sure it has enough holes for adequate airflow.

The best cages for guinea pigs are C& C cages. C & C stands for cubes and coroplast. Cubes are the grid of the cage whereas coroplasts are the floor or the plastic base of the cage. These cages are cost-effective and customizable.

Remember: bigger is always better when it comes to cages for guinea pigs. Otherwise, they might fight or become extremely stressed.

FAQs – How Big of a Cage for Two Guinea Pigs?

Is 120cm cage big enough for 2 guinea pigs?

Yes, the RSPCA recommends a cage size of 120 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm for two cavies.

Is a 2×3 C & C cage big enough for 2 guinea pigs?

According to small pet cage manufacturer Kavee, a 4 x 3 C&C cage is recommended for 2 guinea pigs.

Is a 100cm cage big enough for 2 guinea pigs?

100cm cage will be slightly small for two guinea pigs. Go in for at least 120cm x 60cm x 45cm.

Is a 5ft hutch big enough for 2 guinea pigs?

Two female guinea pigs could live in a 5-foot long hutch but two boars need at least 6 feet of length of their hutch.

Conclusion – How Big of a Cage for Two Guinea Pigs?

Experts recommend a cage size of at least  7.5 sq. ft to 10 sq. ft or 30 inches x 50 inches for two guinea pigs. In cm., this comes to 120cm x 60cm x 45cm.

The cage should be at least two storied so your pigs can climb and burn energy. It should have a nesting area, toys, food bowls, and water bottles, as well as high-quality and safe bedding.

These items will keep your guinea pigs healthy and happy.

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