Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper? Know The Dangers!

can guinea pigs eat paper

Did your guinea pig accidentally eat some paper? As a responsible guinea pig owner, you’re probably wondering whether to take your pet to the vet.

In general, it is not recommended to let your guinea pig eat paper, as it has no nutritional value for them and could pose potential risks to their health.

That being said, small amounts of paper consumption might be harmless, especially if it’s plain and free from any harmful chemicals. However, it may be best to keep an eye on your guinea pig and prevent it from indulging in this habit.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper? The Dangers of Eating Paper for Guinea Pigs

can guinea pigs eat paper

The short answer to the question is no, guinea pigs should not eat paper. Although it’s not specifically toxic to them, paper can pose several risks to your guinea pig’s health.

Harmful Ink

Firstly, the ink present in newspapers, magazines, or printed paper can be harmful to guinea pigs. Ingesting ink can cause digestive discomfort or even lead to more severe health issues. It’s always best to avoid letting your guinea pigs chew on printed materials.


Another reason to avoid feeding paper to your guinea pigs is the indigestible nature of paper. Too much paper consumption could cause stomach upset in these delicate pets.

Moreover, paper eating can also result in diarrhea or vomiting, depending on how much and the type of paper your pet consumes.

Lack of Nutrients

As herbivores, guinea pigs require a diet rich in fresh vegetables and hay, which provides them with essential nutrients and the fiber they need for digestion. Paper lacks these nutrients, and if eaten in large quantities, it may lead to gastrointestinal issues or blockages.

Choking Hazards

Moreover, chewing on paper can pose a choking hazard to your guinea pigs. While guinea pigs have a natural instinct to chew on various materials to wear down their continuously growing teeth, it is essential to provide safe alternatives to paper for this purpose.

Instead, opt for hay-based chew toys or wooden blocks specifically designed for guinea pigs.

The Composition of Paper

Plain and Dyed Paper

When considering whether guinea pigs can eat paper, it’s essential to understand the composition of paper.

Plain paper is primarily made of cellulose, a natural substance found in plant cell walls. This type of paper typically comes from wood pulp and may contain small amounts of other plant materials. While cellulose is a harmless substance, it is not nutritionally beneficial to your guinea pig.

Dyed paper, on the other hand, has colorants added to alter its appearance. These colorants can come from various sources, including natural dyes or synthetic chemicals. It’s crucial to avoid feeding dyed paper to your guinea pig as the added chemicals and dyes may pose health risks.

Toxic Substances

In addition to colorants, certain types of paper may contain potentially harmful substances.

Some paper products have been treated with chemicals like bleach, formaldehyde, or other additives to improve their properties, such as strength, smoothness, or brightness. These chemicals can be toxic to your guinea pig and should be avoided.

Furthermore, some paper products like newspapers or magazines may have ink containing heavy metals or solvents.

These inks can pose additional risks to your guinea pig’s health. Always avoid feeding paper with any form of ink or other potential contaminants to ensure your guinea pig’s safety.

Why Are Guinea Pigs Attracted to Paper?

Nesting Instincts

The main reason why guinea pigs love paper is their natural nesting instincts. They may enjoy shredding the paper and using it to build a comfortable nest in their habitat.


Guinea pigs’ teeth do not have roots. Therefore, they grow continuously. To keep their teeth worn down, they need to chew stuff. They may chew on paper for this reason.

To Prevent Boredom

In addition, chewing on paper may even prevent boredom in guinea pigs. After all; these are smart animals that need mental stimulation.

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What You Can Do To Satisfy Your Pet’s Paper Chewing Tendencies

If you plan to provide paper to your pet to satisfy the aforementioned natural instincts, take a bit of precaution.

Provide Natural Untreated Paper

When selecting paper for this purpose, be sure to choose nontoxic and natural papers, like unbleached brown paper, to minimize any potential risks.

Remember to always monitor your guinea pig when they interact with new materials and adjust accordingly if you notice any adverse effects.

Chew Toys

Providing your pet with safe chew toys will make its environment more engaging and help keep its teeth in good condition. Instead of using paper, which may not be the best option for chewing, consider the following alternatives.

Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks are a great option as chew toys for your guinea pigs. Ensure that you choose untreated and non-toxic wood, such as apple, willow, or aspen.

It’s important to avoid wood from evergreen trees, as they may contain harmful substances for your pet. You can offer small wooden blocks or sticks and always monitor their condition to replace them once they become excessively worn or damaged.

Hay-Based Toys

Hay-based toys not only encourage chewing but also help fulfill your guinea pig’s dietary needs. Toys made from the same type of hay that your guinea pigs eat are an excellent choice, such as Timothy hay or other grass hay varieties.

You can find hay balls or woven hay mats that your pet will love to chew on, or you can simply stuff hay into a cardboard tube for a homemade toy. Always ensure there’s a constant supply of hay for your pet to chew on and remember to keep it fresh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can guinea pigs have toilet paper rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs can have toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper rolls can be a fun and safe toy for your guinea pig to play with or chew on. Just make sure the toilet paper roll is clean and free from any adhesive, ink, or fragrances that could harm your pet.

Do guinea pigs eat paper bedding?

Guinea pigs might nibble on paper bedding occasionally, but they generally do not eat it. Paper bedding is safe for guinea pigs and can be used as a comfortable and absorbent material in their cage.

Ensure that the paper bedding you choose is non-toxic and does not contain any harmful chemicals, dyes, or fragrances, as these can cause health issues for your guinea pig.

Is brown paper safe for guinea pigs to chew?

Brown paper, such as unprinted and unbleached kraft paper, can be safe for guinea pigs to chew on. It’s essential to make sure that the brown paper you provide to your guinea pig is free from any ink, chemicals, or adhesives that might be harmful.

Chewing on brown paper can help keep guinea pigs’ teeth trim and healthy, but always monitor your pet while it’s chewing and be sure to provide other sources of roughage, like hay, for their dental health.

Can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew on cardboard, and it can be an excellent material for them to play with and gnaw on to maintain their dental health.

Make sure the cardboard you offer to your guinea pig is clean, free from any ink or adhesives, and doesn’t have any staples or small parts they could swallow.

Cardboard can be a fun and inexpensive toy for your guinea pig, but like with any other chewable material, always monitor their playtime to ensure safety.

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Conclusion – Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper?

It is not recommended to let your guinea pigs eat paper. Instead, focus on providing it with a well-balanced diet, including fresh vegetables, hay, and clean water.

Also, don’t forget to offer safe chewing options to maintain your pet’s dental health. Your guinea pigs will be much happier and healthier in the long run!

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